Public Speaking

“What On Earth Are You Here For?”

– Neil Minnaar 

This is a keynote inspirational presentation, encouraging the audience to rekindle their birthright – which is to dream. Neil inspires his audience to resurrect that dream that possibly has been lying on the shelf for decades so that they can follow their dream/dreams and live a fulfilled life. Neil deals with the “F” word and in particular the fear of the “F” word – this is of paramount importance as the “F” word is very much a part of success – sadly 85% of the world’s populace do not realise this.      

It's About Time

- Neil Minnaar

In this presentation, Neil deals with Time Management. How often do we hear people say, “There are just not enough hours in the day!” Well, let’s see how true or false that statement may be. How much time is possibly wasted during the course of the day? This is about bringing some order into one’s working day. Maximising the hours given to us.

From Fear to Confident

- Neil Minnaar

Participants are trained in the art of delivering a well-prepared and effective presentation as well as skills in communication. It is a two-part training session, the first part Neil shares with the audience how to construct an effective presentation with a beginning, a body, and an ending. He also shares how to use voice modulation and body language in order to accentuate any points as well as the power of silence.


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