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Keep Talking 2 Neil Minnaar

What people say about Neil

“Wish we had more time with them.”
“They are truly inspirational.”
“ Neil is sincere and passionate about what he presents”
“Different in style but full of humour”
“ I enjoyed the way they interacted with their audience”
“I felt I had consumed a can of Red Bull – Neil gave me wings to fly and follow my dream.”

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Inspirational Presentation:
“What On Earth Are You Here For?”

This is a key note inspirational presentation, encouraging the audience to rekindle their birthright – which is to dream.

Neil inspires his audience to resurrect that dream that possibly has been lying on the shelf for decades so that they can follow their dream/dreams and live a fulfilled life.

Neil deals with the “F” word and in particular the fear of the “F” word – this is of paramount importance as the “F” word is very much a part of success – sadly 85% of the world’s populace do not realise this.

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Communicate with Authenticity

As a decision maker in your Company - Neil Minnaar

“Train people well enough so they can leave – treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson

Glossophobia, The fear of Public Speaking

How long has this been holding you back - Neil Minnaar

“Train people well enough so they can leave – treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson

Neil Speaking at the Avroy Shlain Conference 2016

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Collaborative Team Tasks

The attendees are asked to do a number of “fun” tasks.

Besides the many laughs enjoyed by all of those participating, the purpose is to extract leadership qualities, once again focusing on effective communication, allow the creative “juices” to flow and extrapolate any gifts of ingenuity.

After these activities Jason spends time with the group unpacking and explaining what they have just done – a time of understanding and learning about the purpose of such activities.

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Time Management:
“It’s About Time.” 

In this presentation Neil deals with Time Management.
How often do we hear people say,

“There are just not enough hours in the day!”
Well, let’s see how true or false that statement may be?

How much time is possibly wasted during the course of the day?
This is about bringing some order into one’s working day.

Maximising the hours given to us.

Neil deals with the biggest killer of time – Procrastination 

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Mentoring Program

Neil spent many years in an industry which was goal driven or more accurately was supposed to be goal driven.
Yet, the one question I kept asking myself and still do, was why do so many people, not only in that particular industry but in others, keep on failing in reaching their goals despite attending on many occasions wonderful motivational talks.

This has led to many living unfulfilled lives resulting in many giving up.
Goals are discarded and dreams go out the window.
Neil came to the conclusion that it was very simple – there was or is no sustainability.
Very few people can maintain self – motivation and direction.
There are 7 modules, but unlimited sessions. Neil works at the clients pace, however there is a time limit of covering the 7 modules.

The client needs to be committed and determined to not give up no matter what. How and where do we meet? In today’s world there are many ways that one can communicate.
Ideally it will be via one on one session’s.
However, we have phones, emails, facebook and skype in which one can communicate via.

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Addressing a group of sales personal in Strand