Neil's Mentoring Program

Neil has been involved in mentoring individuals for the past 21 years. Not only has his vast experience helped many, but his own life challenges that he has had to overcome.

He begins with a 20-30mins FREE meet and greets with anyone who shows an interest in joining his program. This can be face-to-face, Zoom, or WhatsApp. This gives Neil the opportunity to assess if the client and he would be compatible and vice versa. It also gives Neil the opportunity to elaborate on the purpose of the program, duration, and fees.


1. Forty Power Questionnaire & Wheel of Life Chart

2. Introduction to goal setting

3. Time Management

4. Enhancing Your Imagination

5. Your Belief System

6. Purpose – Passion – Courage to Dream

7. A Plan For Your Dreams.

8. From Success to Significance.

Neil does not always go via the order each module is in – it all depends on what he feels would suit the client at the time.


I met Neil Minnaar through my son. I requested Neil to help me with Time Management
and Goal Setting as my life was in a chaotic state at that particular point. Neil has been assisting me with the following with amazing results and personal
1. Prioritizing the important things in my life again with a new refreshing perspective.
2. Personal assessment as to where I was at the time.
3. Where am I going, where do I want to go, and plot a road map to get there?
4. Goal setting and management of those goals in a realistic manner.
5. Monitoring of Goal Setting and achievements.
6. Time management and taking control of my life and business again.
7. Management and deployment of staff and colleagues.
We are still a work in progress with these processes, its very satisfying to see the progress we
are making.  
I can recommend Neil as a mentor to anybody that is experiencing uncertainty, disillusionment, and confusion in their lives. Neil will bring calmness, and help you get back
control of both your life and give direction in a caring and solid manner based on many experiences.

There is yet to be a question that I have asked Neil, that he did not have an answer to. One of my sayings is, “One can buy ground but one cannot buy background” and I can
honestly recommend Neil as he has huge experience and a great background with immense insight and knowledge.
Riaan Lindeque  

Neil’s mentoring program was truly an eye-opening, breakthrough program. It has taught me two priceless life lessons amongst many other vital lessons. These Lessons helped me
overcome many issues I’d been struggling with for years. The first lesson is the ability to use my time wisely, effectively and in order of prioritization, which in turn opens the issue
of Time Management wide open.

Secondly, the importance of the four P’s -PERSEVERANCE, PASSION, PURPOSE & PATIENCE which will give me DIRECTION in life. This enabled me to eradicate any doubts or limiting
beliefs I had about what I was doing or why I was doing it or what my purpose was for doing what I do. Neil mentored me through the entire course, importantly not in any dictating type of way where I felt I was just following instructions. Rather, he mentored me by guiding me and asking me questions and when I answered them, I was amazed at what I discovered myself.

By answering and listening in depth to Neil and my own answers I could analyze what has truly been holding me back. The best thing about discerning the answers to your
problems and challenges yourself (guided by Neil) is that you believe what you are told but never doubt what you’ve discerned. By being brutally honest with myself and really
taking in Neil’s work and advice I was able to make real breakthroughs.
Juan Lindeque

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