Whisper Ganya

Biography for Whisper Ganya

Whisper Makuni Ganya was born in 1977 in Rushinga District, Zimbabwe. He spent most of his childhood herding cattle and goats. When Whisper was
11 years old, his village was attacked by the RENAMO militia. Many people were killed, schools were burnt down and homes were destroyed.
Due to all of this chaos, Whisper was forced to drop out of school for a while.

After three grueling years, the war finally subsided and Whisper was able to continue with his schooling at Chomutukutu Primary and then he proceeded to Gwangwava High School. Upon moving to the city as a teenager, Whisper found work at a borehole drilling company and went to night school in order to supplement his high school certificate.

In 2004, Whisper moved to South Africa in search of better opportunities. Without any family in South Africa at that time, he faced many hardships alone but thanks to his tenacity and 'never say die attitude' he eventually got a job doing door-to-door sales. In 2009 Whisper was sent to Cape Town by his company to hopefully improve their results in the region. Within 4 months Whisper had turned things around dramatically increasing sales of one of the company's products from a modest R120,000 per month to over a million per month. He worked his way up from there until he set up his own company called MTA Marketing (now Innogen Group). Up to date, Innogen has facilitated sales campaigns and strategies for brands like MTN, Telkom, MWEB, Edcon Group, and many others.

Driven by his desire to improve his skills, Whisper went on to study Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Administration and has recently graduated from the House of Louis Business Academy.
He is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and empowerment. Over the years, he has been involved in several projects that provide solutions and empower ordinary people. At the moment, he is the Managing Director at Blockkoin Exchange. Whisper is also a dedicated family man - he lives in Cape Town with his wife and two kids. 


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