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Keep Talking 2 Neil and Jason

What people say about Neil and Jason

“Wish we had more time with them.”
“They are truly inspirational.”
“ Neil & Jason are sincere and passionate about what they present”
“Different in style but both are full of humour”
“ I enjoyed the way they interacted with their audience”
“I felt I had consumed a can of Red Bull – they gave me wings to fly and follow my dream.”

What we Offer 
Leadership Training

Inspirational Presentation: “What On Earth Are You Here For?”  Neil Minnaar
• Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop: From Fear to Confident.”  Neil Minnaar & Jason Sandler
• Presentation: “Never Go Swimming With Cement Shoes On.”  Jason Sandler
• Collaborative Team Tasks  Jason Sandler & Neil Minnaar 
• Time Management: “It’s About Time.”  Neil Minnaar  
• Leadership Training  Jason Sandler & Neil Minnaar
• Mentoring Program  Neil Minnaar
• Past Presentations Videos and Pictures
Hospitality Training Jason Sandler & Neil Minnaar

“Train people well enough so they can leave – treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”    Richard Branson

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